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January/February 2013: Retrospecticus

March 1, 2013

I didn’t really make a New Year’s resolution to neglect my own blog, it just seems like it.  But to defend myself, I have been pretty busy lately.  In addition to the regular ABA Blog and now 10,000 Birds I and the Bird responsibilities, I’ve picked up a couple gigs doing nature programs for Raleigh City Parks and working the public education department at North Carolina State Parks cleaning up their field trip programs (North Carolina just redid their core curriculum standards and let me tell you, they’re a doozy!).

Anywho, I’ve been traveling a fair bit these past couple months too, which has made things more hairy.  I guess busy is good, I just wish it translated to a little bit of scratch, yaknow?

Green Bee-eaters in Ahmedebad, India.  Incredible beautiful and incredibly common

Green Bee-eaters in Ahmedebad, India. Incredible beautiful and incredibly common

Early in the year I made a funky map with all my county lists color coded by number of birds seen.  Yeah, I like county listing.  No, I haven’t been able to do a lot of it so far this year.

Three members of Obama’s environmental cabinet team are leaving and I gave them their end of term report cards.  The short?  So-so.  I’ll do something on the new class when they’re all in place.

I went to Space Coast Birding Festival for 10,000 Birds.  As such, all my stuff is over there like this piece on Viera Wetland and this one on the too-friendly Scrub Jays.

I also went to India for the 3rd Global Bird-watching Conference, which took a lot of time and was an absolutely crazy experience that I’m still unpacking a whole month later.  But I did some surprisingly great urban birding and traveled a very long way to get to the conference site and saw a few birds along the way.  Two of the more impressive birds I saw on the trip I profiled over at 10,000 Birds, the Rosy Starling and the Sociable Lapwing.

The Great Backyard Bird Count was this month, which continues to provide me with no shortage of headaches.

But perhaps most exciting of all was that I got off my ass and twitched a Northern Lapwing here in North Carolina.  A really great bird, and my son got to go with me.

Good stuff!  Thanks for sticking with me. I’ll see you next month.



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  1. Brian Murphy permalink
    March 2, 2013 7:30 pm


    Now that we have those new core curriculum standards, well, they are going to be changed again if we pick up the new national science standards, in a few years.

    Rumor has it we are.


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