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I and the Bird: Jays

January 11, 2013

Sorry to throw you all over to 10,000 Birds this week, but it just so happened that my regular gig there lined up with I and the Bird, so that’s where I was this week.

In any case, here’s the most recent IATB on the subject of Jays, everyone’s favorite Corvids (unless you have nutcrackers, then I understand).

Florida Scrub-Jay - Merritt Island NWR

It occurs to me, as I look at my old photos of jays to look for something to use in this post, that I’ve never been able to get a good shot of a Blue Jay.  I should work on that.  Anyway, go over there, support the links and send me your own links for the next one if you’re of the blogging persuasion.  I’m working on a subject.  Thinking Herons and Egrets though that may be too much.  Maybe just storks or something like that.  Any suggestions are welcome.

While I’m on this stream on consciousness roll here, I do have some terribly exciting news about a place I may be birding at the end of this month that might blow your mind.  That is, if it doesn’t blow mine first.  It’s not completely finalized so I can’t announce it yet, but it involves being in a place I never ever expected to go seeing birds I never ever expected I’d see using a field guide I already have, but never ever expected to use.

Hopefully, more to come soon.



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