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December 2012: Retrospecticus

December 31, 2012

Here’s a weird thing about being being cooped at home most days instead of out and about in the regular working world. My birding days have largely switched from the weekend to the weekday. My “vacation” time, such as it is, has been reconfigured almost strictly into family time.  And thus, during this long holiday week when everyone is home I’ve been neglecting my birding something fierce.  Watching, with something very closely resembling green-eyed jealousy, the parade of potential state birds coming out of the east this week during the big CBC-apalooza that wraps up every year in the Tarheel State.  So it goes.

In so much as I’ve been “staying home” a lot this fall – “staying home” being a euphemism for unemployed – even that period may be coming to an end in some sense.  I’m going back to school this coming year, and there will be something resembling a full-time job, though much more contract and freelance based, but the implied flexibility is a nice bonus.  Plus, I’m going to Space Coast Birding Festival this coming month.  So that ought to be fun.  Here’s to a fun 2013.

Field Sparrow - Mason Farm, Orange Co, NC

As for the past month, here’s the quick run down.

Birding was had at Mason Farm and with the Chapel Hill CBC.

I tried to convince you that you should never sit on your laurels, not even one little bit.

I have some hawks in my yard again.  Maybe they’ll stick around.

I drove to Washington, DC, and kept county lists the whole dang way there. This is one of those accomplishments that would be much more impressive if people care more about county listing.

There’s been a lot of discussion about adding Hawaii to the ABA Area.  It’s not that big of a thing, they should just do it already.

At 10,000 Birds, I wrote about some Florida memories.

And of course, the obligatory “looking back on the year that was” post.  The blogger’s bread and butter.

Have a great New Year.  Thanks for reading, commenting, and being there.


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