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I and the Bird returns: Nuthatches

November 9, 2012

The beautiful dream that was I and the Bird died a couple years ago when the new wave of internet social media made the way we bird bloggers had been sharing links for time immemorial (i.e. about three years in internet) sort of irrelevant.  It lasted 149 editions, which is sort of really impressive, and I don’t mind bragging here a little bit in saying that I’m pretty sure I currently hold the record for I and the Birds hosted with four amazing editions over three years.  Not too shabby.

Well, Mike Bergin, the man with all the ideas in the blogosphere, along Corey, who I heard described once as “Birding’s Rush Limbaugh”, both blog-bosses at 10,000 Birds, came to me with an idea to resurrect the venerable blog carnival in a way that should have a much more lasting influence than cutesy themed linkfests.  So I said, yeah, I’ll help.

So it’s back, and the theme is Nuthatches.  And you should check it out.

Brown-headed Nuthatch – Chapel Hill, Orange, NC

See, the idea here is that the post itself is sort of google-bait, which means that lots of people who ask themselves, “what the heck is a nuthatch?” are going to find the post and look at all your amazing posts and photos.  It can’t lose.  Seriously, you’d be surprised how well this stuff works.

Anyway, each month will see a new group of birds to spotlight.  Eventually, we’ll get through all of them or die trying.  If you’re a blogger, you should get in on this stuff.

So go check it out!  And be sure to talk up nuthatches in your regular goings-abouts in such a way that people will be certain to google them.  Every little bit helps.

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