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October 2012: Retrospecticus

October 31, 2012

Hey guys, another month down and I’m still birding.  October was a pretty great month for birding here at The Drinking Bird.  Not only did I do some very productive fieldwork here in the Triangle, but I got to go up to Virginia to participate in the ABA Kiptopeke Rally.  Good stuff!

This was probably the last month of the year in which I find a great deal of non-birds to check out.  The weather has turned wintery in a hurry in the last few days.

My ongoing eBird project caused me to pause (like it always does) and consider how much better we’ve gotten at difficult IDs and what that means for birds we perceive as “rare”.

The elections are coming up ( I don’t know if you’ve noticed), and I resurrected my Single-Issue Voter series for Paul Ryan, Joe Biden, and Mitt Romney.  The incumbent will be on the docket for tomorrow.

My wife Danielle made a reappearance.

Durham County was especially productive, with two new species for my biggest county list, including the American Bittern up top.

And there was the ABA Rally!  And a couple species of eagles in the works.

This was also a rare, three-fer for the ABA, with posts on Caeser’s Head hawkwatch, Pine Warbler diversity, and birding in Virginia.

Thanks for reading!  We’ll see you next month!

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