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August 2012: Retrospecticus

August 31, 2012

It is, once more, the end of August. I hope you have noticed a slight increase in the number and quality of posts this week. Ok, maybe just the quality. It is because I am currently out of work. The fine folks at the North Carolina Department of Labor have graciously allowed me to collect unemployment at this time so all is not lost, but if you know of any bird jobs or lab jobs or environmental education or even just telecommuting jobs out there, I’d love to hear about them.

In the meantime, at least I’ll get to bird a lot. In the last 6 days I’ve picked up 4 county birds, 1 in Orange, 2 in Chatham, and one more in Durham. You may or may not hear about those soon. Plus I’m poised to make some serious headway on the forever ongoing eBird historical data project (I’m well into shorebirds right now). So I’ve got that going for me.

But last month? Last month I got to go to Arizona, thanks to Swarovski Optic. And I wrote about it.

I birded (does anyone else hate the past form of the verb “to bird”?) Aqua Caliente Park, which netted a lifer, and the completely epic Huachuca Canyon.

I wrote about the Yellow-eyed Juncos and the Spotted Owls and the Lucifer Hummingbirds and one incredible rattlesnake.

Closer to home, I sought out shorebirds, only to find high water and Killdeer.

And I got to the bottom of those Nemesis Birds.

Thanks for reading, there will be more next month.  not only will the birding get good, but I’ve got nothing but time.


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