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March 2012: Retrospecticus

March 30, 2012

March is boring, y’all.  For birds at least.  Despite the first few migrants slowly filling up the forests and fields around here, everything feels especially slow.  That’s despite the fact that the weather has been out of this world.  Like, literally.  It feels more like Venus or something.  April promises to be better, not least of which because I get a whole week and a day of paid vacation starting next week.  Granted, I’m going to spend it hanging around here, but this working for the public school system is not a bad gig sometimes.

The best photos I took this month were not of birds.

Here’s a quick rundown of the month here at TDB (is that catching on, yet?), because I’ve been doing these for nearly four years and I don’t intend to stop now.

Man, I must have been angry this month, because I ranted on vague locations in the briefs of ornithological journals, hunters who vote for Republicans and are then surprised when Republicans do what they said they would do with regard to conservation, and how latent societal racism makes birding an unreasonable pastime for minority birders.  I guess you could say I had my Wheaties.

News birders might be interested in, ABA’s new Bird of the Year and the iPhone app that lets you enter eBird cheklists from the field.

And I did get out in the field, but actually spend more time looking for snakes and salamanders (Noah came too!).

Birder Jargon Project made an appearance to talk about stringers, and I revisited one of the first books that nurtured an interest in birds in my younger self.

Not bad at all, really.  Be back in April, and hopefully so will the birds.

Thanks for reading!


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