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January 2012: Retrospecticus

February 1, 2012

Hey, February is here and I barely noticed it.  The months, they have no meaning when you’re not doing a Big Year.  It’s just another eBird list set to zero.  But in case you missed it, here are some things things that I did and then wrote about on the internet.

I was in Missouri at the end of 2011, and I saw lots of fantastic Harris’s Sparrows.

I sort of burned my Rare Bird Committee bridges by taking a, unconventional, tack on the Tennessee Hooded Crane.

I went and picked up a new state bird, Western Tanager, in the Sandhills.  #325!

I looked at Newt Gingrich, once and future presidential also-ran, and his highly disappointing birdy credentials.

Did a little birding in some very underbirded counties in the NC Piedmont.

Reviewed a truly remarkable offering from Steve Howell and Princeton University Press in the new Petrels, Albatrosses, and Storm-Petrels of North America.

And I headed south to the Carolina Bird Club winter meeting to lead a field trip the last weekend of the month and had a great time!

Thanks for reading!  And onward to February, which it already is…







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