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December 2011: Retrospecticus

December 30, 2011

The year ends.  The eBird totals tick back over to zero. The Big Year comes to a close.

But then, every single bird you see is a new one.  A new start with new numbers to beat and new goals to reach.  Good-bye 2011.  Hello 2012. The first bird of the new year is…

Well, no.  Probably not White-tailed Kite.  That was merely a memory of past days in the field, as mentioned in December on this blog.  A quick reminder before we hurdle headlong into 2012 and the masses of year birds we’re sure to rack up on Day 1:

Here’s a review of the new Nat Geo field guide that I hope many of you picked up over the holidays.  It’s good. Real good.

Here’s a few more random shots of the Rio Grande Valley, including the wonder that is Estero Llano Grande, the amazing cryptic Pauraque, the fearsome Aplomado Falcon, and the epic Tropical Parula.

Here’s a look at the bird bona fides of Texas Governor, presidential candidate, and professional huckster Rick Perry.

Here’s the Birder Jargon Project on our frustratingly limited vocabulary when referring to great birds.

Here’s a report on the Durham CBC, plus a couple new Big Year birds I picked up that afternoon.

And here’s some photos form the holidays in Missouri.  Sparrows, yes, but also longspurs.  Longspurs!

That was December.  Here comes January.  My New Year’s Resolution is to light a fire under this blog.  We’ll see if I can keep it as long as I kept my resolution last year to not swear as much…

Thanks so much for reading.

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  1. December 30, 2011 9:45 am

    I just love starting a new bird list. The possibilities seem endless, the number of possible birds to be seen high. Of course, reality usually intrudes sometime around April, but for a while at the start of the new year, almost anything seems possible.

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