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November 2011: Retrospecticus

November 30, 2011

Hey, it’s November already.  Is it just me or has the last part of this year just cruised right on by.  I realize that’s easy to say looking backward but with only a month remaining on my Triangle Big Year, the time frame for pick-ups is growing thin, indeed.

November was an excellent month though, not least of which because of the several days I spent living it up in South Texas with a horde of unruly birders.  The Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival is everything you’ve heard and more.  While my own lifer haul was somewhat muted by the fact that I’ve been fortunate enough to bird the Valley on a number of occasions, this trip was special because it was the first one I’ve been able to share here at The Drinking Bird.  And the first with actual photos.

I’ve written a fair bit here, sharing a few photos and the first day’s trip up the coast to King Ranch.  That, plus chachalacas.  Rest assured, there’s a lot lot lot more to mine there.

Here in NC the pickings were pretty nice too, with a double vagrant hummingbird, double state bird (and one lifer) weekend that was epic in Selasphorus-ity.

All that and Michele Bachmann.  You know, for the kids.

If you thought this month was alright, you’ll love next month, as I finish up the Lone Star chronicles, put a bow on my Big Year, and head to the midwest for a few days of holiday leisure (and hopefully, Harris’s Sparrows).

Thanks for reading, everybody!

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