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September 2011: Retrospecticus

September 30, 2011

Hey, look. It’s the day before October already. I’m not going to lie, this month just absolutely flew by.  And here I am on the precipice of another month, this one deep in the bowels of fall, writing about the post on The Drinking Bird.  It feels like I just did this.  The year, she skirts by too fast.

First things first, the Triangle Big Year on-goes ongoingly.  I’m at 197 birds for the year, with 200 clearly within my grasp.  Will I reach it?  As soon as this weekend?  Stay tuned, dear reader.

The Single-issue Voter has started up again in the face of the soul-crushing Republican primary race.  Every other week, starting again next week, I’ll profile a different would-be President.  Jon Huntsman was the first, and he was a straight-ahead Republican, in that his policies could be better but he’s not outwardly hostile towards environmental policy generally and birds specifically.  I’m afraid it will be all downhill from here, but I don’t want to handicap the field too much.

In the Birder Jargon Project I took on Big Year terms, zooties (which is a real term used by some people, so there!), fallouts, and BVDs.

And I went birdingBirding, birding, birdingBecause without that, there would be no blog.

Thanks everybody for reading, and I’ll see you in October.

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