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August 2011: Retrospecticus

August 31, 2011

So, I’m looking back on my posts for this past month and I think I notice a theme.  Shorebird.  Finding them.  Identifying them.  Anxiety about not finding them.  And various and sundry variations on those themes.  Lather, rinse, repeat ad nauseum.

I’d apologize, but after two months of relatively slow local birding, to finally have a group of birds available in impressive diversity and numbers is a heady thing.  It’s like being trapped on a desert island and suddenly being rescued by one of those fancy cruise ships with the mile long buffets.  You’re going from near starvation to gluttonous overindulgence in the time it takes to flip the calendar.  So I refuse to apologize for my shorebird-mania of the past four months.  Until the passerines start moving through in decent numbers that’s what you’re gonna get.

I did go to South Carolina though, and spent a productive morning at Huntington Beach State Park where the waders were spectacular and the Clapper Rails were nigh-on extravagant.

After that though, it was Scolopacidae City.  I got a fancy female Avocet at the mudflats, enjoyed photographing some confiding Sanderlings from South Carolina, and questioned some reports of uncommon Western Sandpipers (before all those concerns and frustrations disappeared upon my self-found individual this weekend).

The Birder Jargon Project rolled on with posts on shorebirds, with special attention to peeps and godwits.

In other news, I saved a hummingbird and checked out some excellent shade-grown coffee.  Both of which I heartily endorse, though admittedly the second will probably be easier to enjoy on a regular basis.

Also, and perhaps most importantly, please consider sending a quick letter to the Department of Interior to endorse a plan for Cape Hatteras that includes considerations for nesting shorebirds and pedestrians.  Thanks!

And thanks for reading.  See you next month!

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