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July 2011: Retrospecticus

July 29, 2011

I don’t know about you, buy I’m really looking forward to August.  The epic heat that has sat on top of the South for the last couple weeks has at least one benefit for the birder, it exacerbates the lowering of lake levels and potentially sets up a very nice fall for shorebirds in the area.  That’s the sort of thing that encourages a great deal of chop-licking in this Big Year-er.  Who among us doesn’t love the shorebirds?  Being driven mad by distant peepy shapes and the incessant screaming of Killdeer.   Fall birding is where it is at, and I intend to beat every mud-flat from Butner to Pittsboro and Garner to Hillsborough (that actually means something to those who live here) to clean up the gappers on my list.

But that’s the future.  Here’s the last month in things I did.

I considered Laughing Gulls, which is actually more interetsing that it sounds.

I started the Birder Jargon Project, a new series for which I am actively soliciting ideas.  But in the meantime, do you know what a Shoulder is?  A Hoodie?

Birding in the area has been pretty slow, but a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher nest in my home county has been exciting, even if one of the parents appears to be gone now.

I proposed an explanation for why so few state experts deemed to weigh in on a bizarre heron in South Carolina.

I introduced a big project I’m undertaking for eBird.

Noah got a new bird book (gratuitous child shots).

Oh, and this blog turned four.

Some month!  Thanks for reading and commenting.  I really appreciate it!


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