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May 2011: Retrospecticus

May 31, 2011

It’s the end of May already?  Where did the time go?  Migration is pretty much over and the next to months before shorebirds start trickling back is among the slowest birding of the year. Time for family, farmer’s market, and the grand old pastime of the south, sitting on the porch with a mixed drink complaining in about the heat.  Good Lawd, it’s might steamy t’day.

As for the month that was, here’s some stuff you might have missed.

I reviewed a fine beer from Mendocino Brewing in the Black Hawk Stout and an even better guide from Kenn Kaufman in his new Field Guide to Advanced Birding.

But most of the month was taken up in the field, where I covered the triangle from corner to corner.  I picked up Yellow-crowned Night Heron in Durham, Great Horned Owls in Chatham, Shorebirds in Wake, and residents in Orange.  I went from 145 to 170, five birds short of my target for this time in the year, but a good enough base to build on for the fall.  Or that’s what I’m telling myself.

Next month should be good!  I find myself in the northeast, ostensibly to attend the wedding of a good friend, but I’ll likely get a few hours to bird in Northeast, Pennsylvania, and even in New York City for one morning.  Also, I’ll be offshore in a couple weekends for a pelagic with a couple other bird bloggers.  Tropicbirds, rare Petrels, Boobies?  Fingers crossed.

So there’s that to look forward to.  Thanks for reading!


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