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December 2010: Retrospecticus

December 31, 2010

The end of another month, and year, at the drinking bird.  The obvious best birding experiences of the year type posts that are like catnip for bird bloggers, will be coming next week (I am as susceptible to catnip at the next guy…), but first a quick look back at the month that was.

– Congress had the opportunity to pass a Spill Bill that would direct BP’s significant Clean Water Act fine into habitat restoration where it would do the most good, as opposed to just dumping it into the general treasury.  As of yet, they haven’t done it, but there’s still time.  I encourage you to contact your Representatives and let them know.  The Deepwater Horizon disaster may have left the greater public consciousness, but its effects will be with us for a very long time.

– Corey Finger of 10,000 Birds ended up in North Carolina, and we headed off on a successful hunt for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers.

– Not every bird quest went so well.  A chase for my potential ABA lifer #500, a Black-headed Gull, was a bust, leaving me still mired at 499.  I have a good feeling that 2011 is going to be the year though.

– I did a couple Christmas Bird Counts, like so many of us do this time of year.  One was pretty fun.  The other was largely snowed out.  I’ve got a third this weekend at Jordan Lake.  Weather permitting, this could be the best one this season.

– My feeding station is picking up, and I added a new bird to my yard list, Purple Finch, as well as some non-resident Song Sparrows.

I considered state bird record committees and why they could stand to lose their unfortunate reputations for elitism, and along the same lines, thought about Christmas Bird Count hierarchies and how they come to be.

– Oh, and Duck Rabbit Brewery makes a fine Porter.

Happy New Year and thanks so much for reading!


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