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October 2010: Retrospecticus

October 29, 2010

I and the Bird #137 is up at The Greenbelt.


Some month, eh?  Lots has happened at the Drinking Bird in the last 30 days or so.  A look back…

– Jeff Gordon was chosen to lead the American Birding Association, a fine choice and one I hope leads to better things for the organization that should speak for the birders of North America.  Jeff, capable though he is, can’t do it alone though.  Some thoughts on what you can do can be found here.

– I considered the birding future, such that I can influence it, of my young son.

– I got a look at the newest field guide vying for the attention of North American birders, the Stokes guide.  The verdict?  Big, but good.

– I considered the potential for one of my most frustrating birding misses in a long time, but thankfully laid the dipper’s curse to rest with fine looks at a Connecticut Warbler.  For now, at least.

– I looked that North Carolina Senate race from the perspective of a birder, looking at the birding policies of both incumbent Richard Burr (R) and challenger Elaine Marshall (D).

– Perhaps most exciting, however, is the fact that I’ll be taking my blogging to two new places, the newly constituted ABA blog and the established 10,000 Birds.  Should be fun!

– Oh, and of course I went birding, with particular attention to growing my county lists.

Wow, it looks so substantial when you list it out like that.

Thanks so much for reading and following!

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  1. Dawn Fine permalink
    October 29, 2010 10:26 am

    Lots happening for you! I look forward to all your posts in ABA, 10,000 birds, here, and wherever else you might write. Happy birding!

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