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June 2010: Retrospecticus

June 30, 2010

June is the cruelest month for birding, so says I.  But it’s also the cruelest month for blogging, as traffic slows to a crawl.  Does anyone else see that?  I’ve always wondered.

In any case, things still went down here at the Drinking Bird, not least of which was I and the Bird, which I hosted for a record-breaking 4th time!

I headed off to Kansas for a family wedding and got some birding in.

I pontificated a bit on what it means to be a father trying to raise a nature loving kid in this age of environmental ennui.

And of course, that oil thingy is still going on in the Gulf of Mexico with no clear idea of when it will stop.  Don’t forget about it, because BP is working as hard as they can to make sure you do.  The Nature Conservancy would also like all this ugly BP stuff to disappear, but lest you think all environmental organizations are on the take, relax.  It’s only most of them.  Fortunately, birders have excellent options.

The ABA is leading the way with regard to documenting the effects on the ground.  Though they’ve had some leadership issues lately, it seems they’re slowly staking out a useful niche looking forward for those of us who love birds.

Birding was a bit slow this month, but July and the promise of shorebirds beckons.

Thanks for reading!

  1. June 30, 2010 9:56 am

    Traffic always slows down during the summer. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe people are spending their lunch breaks and evenings out of the office? Usually, though, August is the cruelest month for my blog.

  2. June 30, 2010 7:23 pm

    May-June is the big drop and then a gradual decrease through August. In September, things pick up and stay on an upward trajectory until December and the holidays make things drop off…then in March things pick up again and build through May, which is always our big month at 10,000 Birds.

    Oh, and if it is any consolation I liked June at The Drinking Bird…

  3. Nate permalink*
    June 30, 2010 7:32 pm

    Funny, that’s almost exactly how my traffic spreads out, but on a smaller scale. I wonder if it has to do with students doing research on the google and coming to bird blogs that way. When school’s out, the traffic slows. Just a theory.

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