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March 2010: Retrospecticus

March 31, 2010

Your regularly scheduled My Life’s Birds post is postponed till next week because it’s the end of the month, which means…..  gimmicky roundup time!

It was a great month at the Drinking Bird!  For the first time since I switched to a wordpress platform, my google mojo seems to have really returned.  It probably doesn’t mean a lot to you, but it means a lot to me!

On a less navel-gazing front, There was some good stuff going on here for those of you who may be new visitors.

I had an inadvertent and slightly depressing  extinction themed week with posts about the difficulty Black-capped Petrels are having in the wake of the Haiti earthquake, and the bizarrely tectonic fate of the  Atitlan Grebe.

I also accidentally hosted a Nate rants at the world themed week, in which I took on unleashed dogs, the burgeoning and increasingly dishonest wind industry and hawk-killing pigeon-fanciers.  The end of my Bird-a-Day Challenge must have hit me a bit harder than I initially thought…

On the fun side, I brought the Friday Trivia back in a big way.  I’ve got some variations on this theme in the coming weeks that trivia buffs might find exciting.

Oh, and I introduced my son to what I hope is a lifetime of fascination with herps.  I suppose I should be happy he didn’t try to eat it.

I tried to defend bird listing, learned about the interesting and potentially split-worthy taxonomy of the Yellow-rumped Warbler, and contemplated the effect on our little community of the Hollywood movie on, of all things, birding.

I also got out in the field on the cusp of spring.  It’s coming people!

Wow, so when you lay it out like that maybe I did do a lot this month.  I hope this trend continues and that you’ll continue coming back.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. March 31, 2010 11:19 pm

    Nate, thanks for your March Retrospecticus. I don’t know how it happened but I totally missed your post, “Welcome Back Myrtle Warbler”.

    I will patiently wait in my favourite arm chair while enjoying a cold Moosehead (or two). I observed the Audubon’s subspecies last year while vacationing in B.C. and I have to admit, it is a much prettier bird than the eastern species. Hopefully the split comes sooner than 2035.

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