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November 13, 2009

New I and the Bird #113 at The Modern Naturalist.  An excellent read!


In the category of cool internet birding resources comes Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s YouTube stream, where you can find loads on information about citizen science projects that that august organization is involved with.  It’s good stuff for those who are interested and involved in environmental outreach, as I am.  Here’s an example, a video about Project Feederwatch, which anyone can do from the comfort of their own window.

Good stuff, no?  But you may be wondering why an organization like CLO doesn’t put videos of, you know, actual birds on their YouTube stream.

It’s a fair question, and there’s an answer an order of multitude cooler than YouTube.  For video footage of birds go to CLO’s Macaulay Library site, where you can find amazing, high-quality audio and video of just about any bird species you could possible want, all of it available for regular schmos like you and me.  I’m a big fan, and not just because the Yellow-billed Loon they have in the library is the exact one that was my life individual back in 1994.  Talk about crazy.

Anyway, enjoy.  And pass it on.

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