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October 2009: Retrospecticus

October 30, 2009

New I and the Bird #112 at Walk the Wilderness


Some month here at The Drinking Bird, started by a post I’d written about the apparent attempt by some idiot to disrupt the upcoming Wings over Water nature festival on the Outer Banks because of the beach closures mandated by a federal court decree.  Apparently the way to protest the perceived lack of tourist money on the island, which isn’t born out by any metrics I’ve seen, is to actively chase tourist money off the island.  It’s genius… if your goal is to bring about the very thing that you claim to be against.

So, two weeks after I wrote it the post was linked to a couple fishing advocacy websites where I received a flood of visits and comments, many of them from out of state interests, arguing that the limited beach closures are bad and hurting business on the island (again, not born out by the numbers) with not one of them addressing the issue at hand, that it’s completely counter-productive, not to mention asinine, to first, scapegoat birders for the actions of the Park Service and second, to actively attempt to chase users and money away from Cape Hatteras National Seashore.  I actually came out of the “discussion” more sure that the Park Service is doing the right thing than before, but I tend to have a bias towards facts and science and against threats and internet bullies.

Do I think the NPS could do their job better, especially with regards to outreach? Absolutely, but I certainly sympathize with the thankless job they’re tasked with.  Managing the seashore is far more difficult when you’ve got a group of people with little regard for anything beyond their selfish interests actively trying to undermine you with their blown out of proportion scorched earth practices.  And in the end, the whole thing convinced me of nothing beyond the fact that there are some really angry people out there who think that every failed Hatteras business is a feather in their cap.

But the links and the traffic did jump-start my search-engine optimization in the wake of my switch to WordPress.  So, lemonade, right?

But there were other things that happened here in October.

My son Noah finally acted like he enjoyed birding

I considered a new way to feed my listing jones without ignoring my familial responsibilities…

And the impact of wind generators in Pamlico Sound (potentially another big issue out there)…

And the media reaction to the birder reaction to a super rarity in Great Britain…

I went birding on Bald Head Island with the Young Naturalists and saw some cool stuff…

And enjoyed a nature themed parade in downtown Hillsborough…

I’ll be back next month with more, but I might lay off the controversy for a while.  My flame-retardant suit is at the cleaners.

Thanks for reading and visiting!

  1. Joseph Covington permalink
    October 30, 2009 9:28 am

    I have never gone to WOW, but I’m going this year to show support.

  2. Nate permalink*
    October 30, 2009 9:34 am

    @Joseph- That’s great. I would do it to, but unfortunately, with a new baby at home, I’m unable to. I’m certainly curious to see what happens, and hope to make it out there next year.

  3. October 30, 2009 5:31 pm

    Rest assured that you have many silent supporters.

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