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September 2009: Retrospecticus

September 30, 2009

September was a month of changes at The Drinking Bird, not least of which was the move from my old blogger platform to a fancy new WordPress one where I can stretch out a bit.  Along with that bit of housekeeping came the realization that I would not be taking my long-earned Google mojo with me, and the somewhat shocking implications of that loss.  So it’s back to square one in more ways that one around here, and I ask on bended knee with feeble voice that you all make the switch in your blogrolls to my new URL.  The old blog automatically redirects here, and I even rigged it so links to individual posts will be fine, but if blogrolls aren’t reset then I don’t get the benefit of your magnanimous addition of my humble blog to your rolls.  I realize that it’s a pain, but I thank you, especially if you’ve already done it.

But on a less businessy note, I did other stuff.  Like not find a Ruff (not the first time…or the second).

And find some nice shorebirds just down the road (and up a long walk along the lakeshore).

Participated in an FBC (not a CBC)

Birded from work (not on the clock though…)

And finally had a great fall warbler day (though missing the target warbler)

If you’re not interested in my birding trips, then learn about Houston and the swifts.

Or an old trip to Galapagos.

Or the fact that there are more “birders” in the South than anywhere else in the country.

Thanks to my visitors and commenters!  You guys are great!  And there’s only one direction next month can go.  Up!

See you then.


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