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June 2009: Retrospecticus

June 30, 2009

Summer begins, and with it slow birding, slow blogging and slow blog traffic. But some notable things happened at The Drinking Bird still.

I took my new son birding, and he appeared to like it.

But I also went without him, including missing a bird I really wanted to see, but also getting an old friend a bird she really wanted to see, which honestly, is almost more fun anyway.

I held paradise in the palm of my geeky hand, only to have it stripped away by ineffective cell phone service. Damn you, AT&T!

Plus I considered the possibility of helping poor nations protect their crucial natural resources, but despaired at our own country’s lagging behind on matters of conservation.

Well, when you list it all out that like, it looks like I did a lot more than I did, huh?

Hope you come back next month for more, but if you’re out enjoying the summer sun, I can’t blame you for that.

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