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November 2008: Retrospecticus

November 28, 2008

New I and the Bird at the Bird Ecology Study Group.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving, even my few international visitors for whom Thanksgiving is just an American curiosity. It was an opportunity for me to, again, put my Big Year on hold and travel to Kansas for some family time. I got a little birding in of course, more on that next week.

But this past month? Well, fall eased into winter as the temperature plummeted in North Carolina down to about freezing (I know you northerners are doubled over laughing now). Those cold mornings were worth it, however, because some good birds showed up in their wake, even if I didn’t get all of them.

In the cyber-realm things were better, as I helped launch not one, but two new blogs. One of which an exciting new collaboration with some great nature bloggers, and the other the ongoing documentation of the end of my birding career.

In between I did a little bird-banding (and a little shrike larder finding), looked at the environmental impact of a new presidential administration, and worried over the less foreseen impact of Outer Banks ORV bans.

And with one month left on my Big Year, I’ve got 10 birds left to track down. We’ll see next month if I can do it.


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