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November 3, 2008

If you blog about birds and nature, then there’s no doubt you should have at least a passing familiarity with the Nature Blog Network. It’s a toplist, a list of blogs ranked by page views specifically for those who write and enjoy nature blogs of all different varieties. I’ve written about it before, back when it was new and I was coming to grips with my own place in the nature blog hierarchy, such that there is one.

I originally had concerns about the self-perpetuating system of popularity leading to increased traffic leading to increased popularity leading to ever increasing traffic etc etc etc. It was a frustrating as anyone who puts a good deal of time and effort into a blog only to see it passed on a toplist for what seems to be no apparent reason whatsoever. The whims of the internets are often mysterious and maddening.

It’s this sort of navel-gazing that leads to nothing good, and I do admit I eventually put it behind me and focused on putting out quality content, because really, as a blogger, that’s the only thing you can control. Well, it must have worked, because Mike at 10,000 birds asked me to join a team consisting of some really quality bloggers, Wren of Wrenaissance Reflections and John over at Born Again Bird Watcher, for a new project, a blog at the Nature Blog Network.

The Nature Blog Network….Blog exists to harness the power of the toplist to increase the visibility of nature blogs in general. It’s an ambitious plan and I’m excited to be a part of it. And I feel, having been tagged with Wren, John and Mike, frankly, as though I’m the kid from AAA getting called up to the bigs. Hopefully I’ll do alright in the show. I’ll be posting a couple times a week there.

Does that mean the end of The Drinking Bird? Most definitely not, I still need a place to talk about my personal birding experiences. I’ll probably stream-line it though, and it may be the end of my yeoman-like five posts a week, but I hope what I do put on here will be better and more thoughtful, or at least more rant-worthy.

In the mean-time, head over the the new NBNB, there’s always going to be some cool stuff there.

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