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Stinkin’ Lincoln’s

October 27, 2008

Yesterday was the last day of the North Carolina State Fair, a festival of farming and fried food the likes of which you see in nearly every state across the United States. It’s loads of fun, if for no other reason then to sample the newest fried food on a stick (this year it was pecan pie), swing by North Carolina’s own Mt. Olive pickle company stand and get a huge kosher dill for 50 cents, check out the livestock and the giant pumpkins and basically enjoy something that every Carolinian from any corner of the state can enjoy together. My wife and I hit it with some friends that morning and had a good old time.

The state fairground sits conveniently across the highway from Prarie Ridge ecostation, the land owned by the NC Science museum, and where the museum has run a banding station that I help out with on occasion. Becky from the museum had told me that last week, on a day I was unable to help, they had banded a Lincoln’s Sparrow in one of the fields. That was a bird I needed for the year, so while I was in the neighborhood for the fair I convinced my wife to let me swing by to see if the bird was still around.

Birds don’t usually come as easy as this one did. I walked to the ares where the net was set up, pished a little and up popped, along with a handful of Songs and a single Swamp, my needed Lincoln’s Sparrow.

Lincoln is a common bird in the midwest, but out in North Carolina it’s an uncommon regular winter resident. A few are reported every year, and they don’t usually lend themselves to being refound as easy as this one was. It was a quick hit, as my wife was reading in the car, and I had to take off. But it was altogether a nice morning for the fair and a fair bird.

Posting will be somewhat limited this week as I’m preparing for a cool new deal that you all will be made aware of soon enough. Keep checking back here, it’s all very exciting.


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