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My Life’s Birds: #125

October 1, 2008

March 17, 1994 – Christian Co, Mo – There are few species of birds that are known to birders worldwide, and by worldwide I mean on six of the seven continents (Antarctica doesn’t really count). There’s something a little cool about looking at a bird that is as familiar to a birder in China or Sweden as it is to those of us in the eastern United States, even more so if you’re in a far flung locale, only to find an old friend.

One of the best known of these widely distributed species is the Winter Wren, known alternately in the wren-poor eastern hemisphere as simply, “Wren”. This denizen of thick scrubby undergrowth is a symbol of winter for many on the US, myself included. They seem to be especially active as the winter begins to turn towards spring. After school most days, I’d head to the forest behind the house, binoculars in hand, to see what I could find. I knew spring was an exciting time, and I was anxious to find new birds even if the real rush was a couple months off. This time, though, I found a tiny wren in a thick bush, #125.

Birds were definitely on my mind these days. Spring Break was coming up, and we were heading out to visit my Grandmother in the next couple weeks. It doesn’t sound like much, but that’s where I point out that my grandmother lives in South Texas. Next stop, the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

photo by diddy from flickr


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