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August 2008: Retrospecticus

August 29, 2008

What began as a slow month for The Drinking Bird finished strong because of one man.

Joe Biden.

Yes, the day Obama announced his running mate my blog was beset with google searches looking for photos and info on the vice-presidential candidate. So a post I wrote almost exactly a year ago was, by far, the most popular entry page around here. Whether or not those folks stuck around was a mixed bag, but in any case, it bookended a fun month.

For starters, I took a great trip to Wyoming, visiting Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks…

Prepared for the trip by reviewing a book before and reporting on how well it worked after

Reminisced about my first Christmas Bird Count

Tried to get people involved on a couple important environmental and bird-related issues

Closed the book on year one of ORVs vs Piping Plovers

And of course, worked on my Big Year, even if it didn’t always turn out the way I wanted it to

Now that September is coming along and the birds are starting to come back, you can expect some more exciting field posts, as well as some exciting other things. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you’re at all interested on what happens to birds once they head to a museum, you’ll not want to miss next month.

Good birding to all, enjoy your fall.


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