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To-do at the Zoo

April 14, 2008

The class I’m taking the semester took a field trip to the zoo last week. It was really to check out the African mammals and take in a lecture about elephants in Cameroon, but after the learning was all over I busted over to the aviary to check out the cool international birds. Now normally I don’t particularly like birds in cages, it makes me sad, but that doesn’t mean I’ll miss the opportunity to gawk a little bit at some species I’ll probably never see in the wild, and also, to practice my photography on birds that don’t take off to kingdom come when I pull the camera out.

The following are some interesting species in the aviary at the North Carolina zoo. I hope you enjoy them too…

Scarlet Ibis, from the Neotropics.

Grey-headed Kingfisher, a sharp looking African bird.

The Crested Wood-Partridge, also known as a Roul-roul. From Asia.

The lovely Fairy Bluebird, also of Asia.

The Amethyst Starling, of Africa.

A female Eclectus Parrot, from New Guinea and Australia. The male is bright green.

A Blue-gray Tanager, the one bird in the Aviary I’ve seen in the field, on a trip to Costa Rica last year.

And finally, the stunning Golden-crowned Myna of Asia.

Some real birds not in cages tomorrow.


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