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February 8, 2008

Link heavy post today.

New I and the Bird by Nick at Biological Ramblings. Also, his previous post on molt is kinda awesome too.

Do you like books? On the odd chance that you are aware of my blog but not of the bird blog behemoth 10000 Birds, let me have the honor of introducing you not only to that fine bird blog (and if you enjoy writing about birds you should make it a regular stop) but also the contest that they are putting on.

In honor of the upcoming Great Backyard Bird Count, 10000 Birds is giving away free and out of the goodness of their collective hearts, the new Audubon Pocket Backyard Birdwatch, a book just for those who bird extensively within the borders of their property. There’s a catch though, see. You have to submit a short essay about your favorite backyard bird, and why this little feeder friend holds such a special place in your heart.

And then, essay written, get out there and participate in your own backyard count, if for no other reason then to make up for the fact that I will not be practicing what I preach at my own feeder station. I’m pelagicking that weekend and will only be counting birds in Neptune’s backyard, but that doesn’t mean I won’t submit those birds to the proper folks. I hope to have the highest count of “backyard” Dovekies in the United States.

So go write and win, and make sure to tell them I sent you. You see, I could win a book too…


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