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My Life’s Birds: #68

February 6, 2008

June 19, 1993 – Christian Co, Mo – I take some measure of pride in the fact that I can remember the situation surrounding nearly all of my life birds. I can at least remember the place, the time, who I was with, the weather, other bird of note. But this bird is the first of those where the recollection is unclear. Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen so many of them in so many places and times and with so many people. But a life list is made largely of these normal birds, and while it’s exciting the first time you see them, they can quickly become just another bird you expect on every trip. The kind you even forget to put on your day list sometimes because they’re so dang common.

And so it is with the Eastern Phoebe, denizen of forest, field, swamp, yard, beach, wherever. And it’s gotten worse perhaps now that I’ve moved to North Carolina. Back in Missouri, the bird was at least a indicator of spring, but here, in the south, they’re year-rounders. Even more noticeable in the winter with that yellow wash and tail-wagging. I see them all the time.

My life list says I saw my first Phoebe in Christian County, Missouri. It’s a big county so it could have been at the old Linden house, or maybe down by the river, or perhaps on the backroad north of us. I’d seen them in all those places at any given time. Perhaps it would be better to name my last Phoebe. I think it was at Mason Farm just last week. I tried to take a picture but it flew off, they always do that. But I can almost be certain I’ll get another shot at it.

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  1. Larry permalink
    February 9, 2008 3:00 pm

    That’s good that you can remember your life shows that you do more than take a glance a tick it off on your list.

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