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Schwarzenegger to Condors: You’ll be back

October 16, 2007

So California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did in fact buck conventional wisdom and signed into law a bill banning the use of lead shot for hunting in California. A positive move and one I had urged the Governor to make when it seemed that he would in fact let it fade in to oblivion.

I’m no fan of Arnie, but he should be congratulated here for standing up to the NRA and making the right choice for wildlife in California. A choice that will go a long way towards the survival of not only condors, but also eagles, hawks, ravens, crows, and any other bird and mammal which scavenges the remains of hunter kills.

Credit should also go to those in California and out who contacted the Governor’s office and encouraged him to make this decision. It truly goes to show that a motivated populace can take action and influence policy that positively impacts legislation. We should all get in the habit or regularly writing our congressman, Senators, and Governors and let them know what you think, it’s easy enough to find the proper channels. Even if they don’t appear to listen and send you back a blanket form letter thanking you for having the exact opposite view as what you wrote in about (I’m looking at you Senator Dole) at least you can take comfort that your opinion has been registered. And it works, just look at Governor Schwarzenegger and the Condors.


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