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Jordan Bake

August 25, 2007

The sun, she was angry this morning my friends, when I went to walk out to the mudflats on a far arm of Jordan Lake. I know, I know, everyone says it’s hot where they are, but it was scorching here and it has been for about 3 weeks. Even at 8:00am it was climbing towards 90 as I trudged the 2 miles out to the best flats, alone because I couldn’t find the parking lot at which the Bird Club was meeting. I’m good with directions but apparently not at reading e-mails properly at 6 in the morning. All I was thinking was that there better be something worth the trek at the end. But you never know if you don’t go, right?

Just a reminder kids, if you ever visit Jordan Lake.

I do love a good sign gag.

The birds weren’t as good as last week, whether that was the location or what I don’t know. The good news is I didn’t lose anything this time, except my way (see what I did there?). We did manage to pick out an apparent Western Sandpiper among the crowd (a new bird for the year for me), but by and large it was Pecs, Lesserlegs, Semipalm Sands and the like. I did try to take this pic of a Semipalmated Plover that didn’t come out too badly if I do say so myself.

We also found a flock of juvenile White Ibis that were apparent post-breeding dispersals. They’re regular closer to the coast but not terribly common this far inland. The photo was taken though my bins.

All in all I probably spent more time today walking though mud than looking at birds. So it goes this early in the season though. It ought to get better soon, at least I hope so…


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