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The single-issue voter: A birder’s look at Sam Brownback – R – OUT

August 23, 2007

It’s that time again. As civic-minded individuals do, I’m oft interested in how the platforms of those running for president affect my life, that’s as a birder naturally. With so many candidates and elections still more than a year off I decided to do the work so you, dear reader(s), don’t have to. So here’s what I hope will be a regular look as those who would be birder-in-chief. Starting with the long-shots and working my way up so that you all will be prepared when the time comes to cast your ballot. The fourth part in The Drinking Bird’s however-many-part series.

As I’ve been proceeding in this little exercise I’ve come to the realization that there certainly seem to be a lot of candidates, especially from the Republican side, who tend to run on one issue and one issue only. It’s kind of difficult to find anything more than lip service on many of these candidate’s campaign websites for anything other than their pet platforms. And for those in Congress, it’s not easy to find voting records on issues of environmental importance. I’m sure there’s a statement in there somewhere as to the lack of transparency in our government or the ability of some congressmen to run away from their record or something to that effect. I dunno, but in my humble opinion those who chronicle that sort of thing are doing the lord’s work. Otherwise, I’d have nothing to say about some of these guys.

Anyway, here’s Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, polling recently at 1%. Like his Republican colleague Tom Tancredo, Brownback drives his campaign on the strength of one position, and that position is not related to birds. For the no-abortion-under-any-circumstance crowd, Brownback is the number one candidate, but that doesn’t seem to be helping his spot in the polls any. No word on his stance on bird birth control.


Candidate Brownback hasn’t made his environmental platform a priority, and perhaps rightly so. The organization League of Conservation Voters gave him an amazing 0% rating on environmental issues. The doughnut comes from Brownback’s stance on oil exploration in the ANWR (for it), regulating mercury emissions from smokestacks (against it) and his support, by and large, of the Bush administration’s environmental policy. He does favor efforts to reduce the effect of global warming, though theses efforts are largely the typical talking points about increasing use of biofuels and ethanol with no real plan in place to accomplish this goal.

A Brownback administration would likely continue the current status quo with regards to bird-related policy. At least, there is no real indication to the contrary. Brownback considers himself a staunch social conservative and places a heavy priority on issues associated with that, and the environment is simply not a concern for him at this point.

Next: Another day, another dem…

Update 10/21/07 – Brownback has dropped out of the presidential race.

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