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Birding with The Nuge

July 27, 2007

I found this on the Birdwatcher’s Digest website and honestly, I just don’t know what to say.

The Motor City Birdman

I’ll just let Atrocious Theodocious speak for himself…

The little birds were slightly quivering, sprung tight and ready to explode into a dizzying whir if this strange, creeping predator got any closer. My slingshot was held in front of me, with a carefully chosen, beautifully rounded pebble in its deadly pouch. Would stalking do more than educate me about this fascinating game bird this time? Was I actually going to get a shot at one of these delicious little featherbombs? The intensity of the standoff was electric, and I doubted I could take it much longer. A bright male red-winged blackbird sang to my right as it bobbed on a bending cattail, and a stunning male cardinal landed in the bushes just a couple of feet to my left. I heard the funny ink ink calls of a nuthatch as it hopped up a small oak tree nearby, and now I could see the distinctive black masks of the cock quail just in front of my face. I was in heaven…. I have always been spellbound by wildlife, and birds play a huge role in my quality of life to this very day, 50-plus years later.

That the man behind Stranglehold and Kill it and Grill it is a birder makes me giggle like schoolgirl, but that he refers to birds as “delicious little featherbombs” cracks me up.

I can certainly dig the sentiment about quality of life though, just one more thing Ted Nugent and I have in common…


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