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Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues…

July 22, 2007

Summer birding in North Carolina tends to be equally parts, buggy, muggy, and slow. A walk in the woods can yield nothing more than the ever-present Red-eyed Vireos and a half-dozen chigger bites on your legs. It’s hard to get motivated to get out in the field these days, but it helps if you’re not the only person fool enough to do so.

I went out yesterday with a group that leaves from the local Wild Bird Store. Of the two groups I bird with fairly regularly this one tends to lean more towards beginners, so expectations were lower, and I was just along to see what was out there. The answer? Not much, and I think we were lucky to crack 30 birds for the day. The most productive part of the trip was the drive back over Jordan Lake, the largest local reservoir where we found an Anhinga in a back arm of the lake. A year ago this might have been a great bird, but last year we had an influx and suddenly they’re breeding regularly in the area. Such is summer birding.

It looks though, like we may have an interesting fall building. North Carolina is in the midst of a terrible drought, but low lakes means that there may be some mudflats for shorebirding this year, something we haven’t had in the past. Bad for the farmers, but good for the birds, or at least the watchers of birds. Silver lining and all…


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