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On Nate

n561283537_467948_1577I am Nate.  I’m a birder, and thus, most everything I do revolves around that in some way.  I grew up in the midwest but currently make my home in Greensboro, North Carolina, with my wife and 2 young children, who are not yet aware that they are birders too.  When I’m not looking for birds, which is not often, I enjoy music with banjos in it, good beer, progressive politics and the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team and I’m not particularly shy about sharing my opinion on any of those things.  Just so you know.

Other bloggy things I do include managing the ABA blog and covering the southeast beat at 10,000 Birds.  I also help lead trips for the Carolina Bird Club, I’m the eBird reviewer for the state of North Carolina, and I serve on the North Carolina Bird Records Committee.

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Last ABA: #579 – White Wagtail – 10/5/2014 – St. Paul Island, Ak

Last 2014: #261 – White Wagtail – 10/15/2014 – St. Paul Island, Ak

Last Home County (Guilford): #169 – Common Nighthawk – 9/22/2014

Last North Carolina: #337 – Cerulean Warbler – 5/4/2014 – Blue Ridge Parkway, Buncombe Co, NC

Last World (not-ABA) – Cattle Tyrant- 4/4/2013 – Tierra del Sol, Aruba


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